Rob Enslin

Rob Enslin

Thanks for visiting the online home of robenslin.com. Here you’ll find comment, opinion and current projects I’m working on from around the web. My passion is web standards and designing a great user experience as well as understanding social media with business as the motivation.

I love Twitter for small-drop thoughts and stuff I’m up to? To find out where in the world I am check out my Brightkite profile and for a look at my professional side check my LinkedIn profile. For a list of all the events I’ll be attending visit my upcoming events profile. Lastly, I often post photos, screen shots and sketches on Flickr.com and Twitpic too.

When not on the web I race bicycles (on and off road) and write a cycling blog too.

Please feel free to drop me a line (robenslin at gmail dot com) or leave some feedback.


One thought on “About

  1. We are looking to grow our UX – could we meet for coffee sometime? I missed you at Nero Surbiton today! It would be great to get some ideas / could you contract to us or recommend?

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