Email data good practice

One of many problems with email marketing is deliverablity – getting your emails into inboxes. Sure, once they’re there then we start to worry about open rates and click rates, but before that we need to get the emails in there right? Companies have been experimenting with different ways to clean their data to ensure high deliverability rates.

One-off data cleansing emails is bar far the most common way to clean your data. There are other techniques: including your registered email address in the footer of the email to see or the company sends an email to its list with a unique account access links which enable the subscribers to enter their account and update their details. Most subscribers are lazy and I suspect would rather sign up with a new email address than update their old email.

IAB are smart! (I’m sure this isn’t ground-breaking)

They sent their IAB Smartbrief¬†newsletter to me today, but this time when I tried to access a story I was re-directed to a ‘Update your details’ page first – ‘Update details now’ or ‘Update later’ buttons – included a brief explanation why I was being sent here. With these two options I can update my details without having to think about it or update my details later if incorrect (and not being pushy, which I like).

The update your details form includes further data options over and above email address, which might just compel me to provide more detail about me to IAB who can then further target the emails I receive.

They naturally then have cleaner data which improves their deliverability.


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