Email unsubscribe best practice

“Sorry to see you go.
Thank you for your loyalty and staying with us. We are sorry to see you go and hope you might come back some time soon.
To help us improve our service please let us know if you have any comments as we’d love to hear them. Once again thank you!”

Presenting a simple message to a leaver is such a simple thing to do and yet so many email marketers fail to follow some basic ‘rules’. When a subscriber leaves (unsubscribes) from your mailing list be human and thank them for their support. Then ask them if there was something that contributed to them leaving? I often suggest including a simple leaving poll/survey which only takes the ex-subscriber a second to complete. You could include:

1. too many emails
2. email information no longer relevant
3. just because.

With feedback you’re able to gain a better understanding why subscribers leave your service.

After I unsubscribed (because I found the email content no longer useful) I noticed a couple of elements that’s worth mentioning, there’s:

  • a clearly marked unsubscribe call-to-action in the footer of the email,
  • a one click to unsubscribe action including my email address and a clearly labeled ‘Unsubscribe‘ button close to it,
  • a ‘Sorry to see you leave‘ reflector message after I clicked the button, and
  • I received a follow up/confirm email immediately after, which importantly includes a ‘Sorry for leaving‘ messaged as well as a mechanism to re-subscribe again at some point should I wish to.

A clear example of best practice at the un-subscription process in email marketing.


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