Amazon mobile shopping

Some online businesses just get it. Amazon, as usual, is one of those who do too. Whilst I’m sure Amazon has various business models, selling goods online (books in this case) is the obvious one.

Realising that shopping should not be restricted to the PC, Amazon built another bespoke, contextually relevant sales point – the ‘simple’ mobile device version. Building a shopping experience catering for shoppers on the go is ingenious. It seems so obvious. It’s only when you use it do you realise just how good it is. Or rather only once you use another online mobile shopping site do you realise how good Amazon’s mobile offering is.

Amazon could have (like many companies) sat back and insisted that their customers simply use their fully functioning PC version. But what kind of clunky experience would that present? Who would then want to trawl through all the page ‘noise’ while on the go? Not many I suspect.

From my mobile Amazon experience here are 5 good practices I’ve learnt:

  1. Know your users (customers)
  2. Only build what is needed
  3. Always give users alternatives
  4. Keep pages light (mobile environment)
  5. Make restarting (resetting) a session easy and available at any point.

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