Tweet your Flickr pics

The seemingly endless rush to integrate continues. Now you can tweet your Flickr photos using Twitter. The link to the photo is wrapped up in a Flickr link shortner Р Because they add the Flickr URL, you should be thinking in 116 characters Рnot 140.

To the use the service you need to:

1. Have a Flickr account
2. Have a Twitter account
3. Authorise your Flickr account (via Twitter)
4. Have fun…

Advertisements progress interaction's UX activity progress design pattern is what makes box stand out from the crowd. They 'get it' and truly understand how to design a user experience many other websites should mimic.

The specific elements that inform the user of what's going on: 1. background page faded – focus on activity 2. 'Uploading 6 files' – user knows what's happening and how many files are being uploaded 3. Visual progress bar – shows relative progress that's dynamic 4. Upload metadata: upload speed, total file size, upload rate and time left to upload 5. Up-sell for quicker upload speeds 6. 'Hide Popup' – further options available to user while files are being uploaded

Good website signup practice

With so many websites competing to attract users – to sign up for their products/services – it becomes increasingly important to make sure the website’s sign-up process is easy and obvious to use, and appeals to the prospective user. A technique used by designers (and An Event Apart designers) is to remove the ‘technical face’ from the sign-up process. Users feel more at ease with site and this builds trust with its owners.

Specific elements about this design I like include:

  • Join the mailing list!” – no machine-generated words like ‘subscribe’
  • Don’t” – avoiding words like ‘Do not’ – casual and human language
  • required” – avoiding the commonly used asterisk ‘*’ minimising user confusion. Making it readable also helps with screen readers too
  • Email address box that spans the entire page – making it obvious where the email address is entered
  • Pretty HTML” – understandable words for non-tech users (not everyone understands what HTML means)
  • We swear on a stack of W3C specifications” – using humour to soften the important stuff and not scaring subscribers off.

The Daily Telegraph billboard ad

The Daily Telegraph has cleverly shown fantastic entreupenurial spirit.

I loved this billboard ad I saw at my local train station – Dorking. Recently, The Daily Telegraph has hit the news for its circulation resurgence mainly as a result of their ministers expenses exposure. However, during economic hardships what better way to pump up a nation by reminding people where big brands stared their businesses – from humble dwellings:

  • Harley-Davidson started here (wood shack)
  • IKEA started here (small shed)
  • Google started here (home garage)

Kudos to their marketers.

Creative Day at the office

A new marketing initiative started by our CEO (kudos to her) encouraged marketers to show case their work to the entire company. The idea is simple: share the creative love.

The afternoon was a huge success. Personally, I would have loved to see more of the creative process included: marketing’s process of ideation, brain storming through to mocks, comps and finally the designs I enjoyed.

My hope is this initiative becomes commonplace and spreads to other areas of the company too.