6 types of avatars used on Twitter

Now Twitter is everywhere! From the net, WOM (Word Of Mouth), TV and radio all sorts of personalitites are emerging on this platform. From serious business-focussed users to fun and light-hearted users. I’ve compiled a list of Twitter avatar types which you can base their primary activity from – looking at the style of their photo.

It’s worth bearing in mind that an inherent beauty of the avatar is you can change it whenever you want or indeed need to. 

Ever wondered what type of avatars are being used? Here’s just a few types that spring to mind. If you have any further suggestions let me know?


1. Fun / Animated type

I’ve added this category first because I think Twitter was originally designed with this in mind – fun. Fun avatars are just as the name suggests – for fun so there’s nothing too serious about them. Many of these animated-type avatars (@jasonsantamaria and @daveIxD) are designed using Face Your Manga.



2. Real-life: serious and quirky type

On to the serious folk – @jowyang and @drewm – these guys are top of their game. You’ll find very useful information from their tweets.



3. Logo type

Using logo’s as part of a Twitter avatar has become quite common now. Companies (@twittilicious and @zappos) use their logos as part of the branding to convey advertising messages



4. Messages type

Tweeps are also using their avatars to convey messages. Here @Greenpeace_Intl use their ” to convey their recent campaign message.



5. Object/Activity-oriented type

This type of avatar goes without saying. For event organisers – @SocialNetworkWF and @where20 –  what better way to provide essential information to followers.



6. Topical type

Common these days too are avatars based on current trends or topical conversations. @ciaranj‘s recently posted a snow photo on Flickr an dit made it to Channel 4 news so he changed it to reflect his ‘attention’.