My 5 most influential books

The most important bookshelf

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my beloved books. In the last four years I’ve really found a facination for books. Before that I may have read (cover to cover) two books in my entire life – even at school I avoided them.

Now days, however, I have to hold myself back (buying new books) – unless the deal (usually Amazon) is too hard to ignore. And of course Amazon doesn’t help that cause either. Their retail marketing precision is faultless. I get my weekly Amazon email with recommended books – a must-read email. The ease-of-purchase process is within touching distance – the one-click purchase option.

So I decided to take a look at my books and hightlight the 5 I thought have most influenced me and my career (and my life in some ways):

1. Communicating Design
Dan Brown

Communicating Design


2. Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide
Amy Sheun

A Strategy Guide


3. Purple Cow
Seth Godin

Purple Cow


4. Don’t make me think
Steve Krug

Don't make me think


5. The Principles of Beautiful Web Design
Jason Beaird

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design


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