Usability testing

One thing I love about my job – Digital Manager – is its wide ranging activity set. I get involved in various activities like email marketing, web design & feedback, formalisation of online procedures & spec writing, strategy consultations, community building and much more (perhaps another post). One area I’ve not done much work in is Usability Testing (which I love), however this week is quite different.

Yesterday I met two guys – Phil & Cyprian – from Webcredible (Usability Specialists) for a kick-off meeting ahead of two tests we’ll be conducting next week. Today I meet Leisa Reichelt ( to participate as a test subject in the redesign project – an open community-driven feedback project.

My career tides are changing and I’m slowly moving into activity areas I love and feel our business needs to focus on (and where I’m best suited).


2 thoughts on “Usability testing

  1. Thanks for the feedback Christopher. I hear you and agree.

    I know Webcredible are good at what they do – I’ve often read the good things and have had recommendations too. Have you met Trenton (from Webcredible) before?

    (Would love to know which project you worked on with them?)

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