To Digg or not to Digg?

I recently read that Kevin Rose, co-founder of, plans to expand to Europe and Asia. At first I thought that’s fantastic then, after I finished reading the article, I began to wonder what the point was? I mean is global…the web is global. The only well-known websites that use a regional address is Google and Yahoo! Kevin also mentioned wanting to included local language versions too, which I can understand. But, what’s the point Kevin?

I posted a comment on the ‘Digg plans global expansion‘ story and whilst looking for my comment I noticed the related Rose article: Kevin Rose’s top eight tips for getting on the Digg front page. Looking at the list there are some great tips worth mentioning:

1 Write article about current stories in the news. The bigger and more popular the news the better.

2 Love what you write about so be passionate.

3 Make sure you know what you’re writing about – do your research. Have your facts and research to hand.

4 Go niche…it’s the future. You’ll be amazed by the stuff people are interested in

5 Lists are king. Many popular digg stories are based on lists. (Just like this one: 5 great tips to boost your digg’s)


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