Video blogging and iMovie

flip camcorder

flip camcorder

Last Weekend:

I recently bought a new flip camcorder from PC World, Crawley. I’ve taken it to work every day this week and finding the more I use it the more I’m enjoying it. The real bonus is its size. Literally fits into your hand. So, after leaving PC World I went round to my Mom’s house to show her. She grabbed it and said: “come on lets record you introducing it”. So my Mom picks up the camera and starts aiming it at me then hits record (a great big red button in the middle of the camera). Next thing you know she’s shooting away at me and soon finds herself a little shocked that it’s so easy. (Looking at the video clip you’ll notice it’s not half bad for a first attempt)

This weekend:

Anyway, I got home tonight after a long and exciting week at the office. I decided to record me logging into my Mac – whilst chatting – on blip of course. I plan was to record a small amount of video then import it into iMovie which comes pre-installed on all modern Mac’s. I’d then fiddle with background sound (Violent Femmes, Fall out the window) and cut some of the unwanted material into a neatly packaged movie clip. Just an experiment at this stage. After I figured out how to export the finished product I uploaded it to my blip video site and see the final outcome. I’m so impressed with myself that I’ve decided to add it to my blog.

My first-ever video blog experimental post

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