Google Chrome released

Google's Chrome interfaceGoogleGoogle announced that it would be releasing their new browser Google Chrome. The web community is buzzing with excitement. My email inbox went crazy (and still continues to be so) as people on my mailing lists started posting about Chrome. Some of the email subjects read:

[BNM] Chrome: it’s not a browser… (Brighton New Media list)
[IxDA Discuss] A New Browser: Google Chrome (Interaction Design Association list)
[WSG] Google chrome… Coming very soon… (Web Standards Group list)

Browser market impact

Many industry bloggers are asking whether Google Chrome will impact on Mozilla’s Firefox? Sushil Jha writes on his blog, OuterJoin Blog: Google Chrome Firefox Impact

Google pays to be the default search engine in the Firefox search box on the top of the browser. They also have Amazon in the search box, and other services which provides affiliates fee as well but few do. As a result, Google accounts for 85 percent of Mozilla’s 2006 revenue of $66.8 million.

No doubt Microsoft’s IE team will be scratching their heads. Remember Microsoft only recently released their new upgraded IE8 browser. Is this good timing by the Google marketers?

Google Chrome release – the hype

The way Google released Chrome is quite interesting. Scott McCloud put together a comic strip depicting the story of it’s development. Google have even converted the comic into a book.

Google have posted an interesting video from the team where they reveal their strategy and some lighthearted commentary.

The downside (for Mac users anyway)

Unfortunately, Google have not released a Mac version yet. Come on Google, when will you learn to be fair?

Google signup for Mac version

Google signup for Mac version

So there’s lots to talk about as the hype unfolds. Soon we’ll start to read about users experiences which should make some interesting reading. Until I get a Mac version I’ll have to wait…while I watch and read.


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