Jumping on the social media bandwagon

Social media is everywhere… not more so than in the enterprise environment. Lets face it senior marketers and digital managers need to be involved (or seen to be involved). If you’re thinking about it it’s already too late.

While there’s nothing wrong with engaging your business in a social media soup (Twitter, Flickr, FriendFeed, Ning, Upcoming, YouTube, Del.icio.us, etc..), I can’t help wonder how these managers are forgetting that social media integration must form part of a structured content strategy. Successful social media efforts cannot simply be added on to existing products and expect to work perfectly.

Evan Gerber recently wrote and article, Is your brand at social media’s ground zero? where he expresses his concern over brand neglect through badly planned project goals:

Like many other business ventures, a successful social networking campaign revolves around using good information to drive smart decisions. Gather qualitative and quantitative information and then use it to define project goals. An ill-defined project is substantially less likely to succeed.

Ever heard “It looks cool, just put it in the website“, “find somewhere to put it!” or “Just plug it in!“? A common knee-jerk response by many digital managers is to jump on the bandwagon and simply plug these easily-malleable platforms into their websites. Enterprise has been left behind and now needs to catch up. More and more senior stakeholders feel left behind. So, their immediate reactive response is add add add. Everyone’s talking about it so it should be good, shouldn’t it?

Carefully integrated social media efforts can hugely benefit a brand and generate a buzz.


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