Visitor profile sketch

Visitor profile page

I’m working on a project to design an online visitor experience ahead of an exhibition. Here I quickly grabbed pencil and paper and translated an idea on it. This lo-fi sketch will be transformed as more and more thought is put into it.


dConstruct 2008

dConstruct 2008 - Designing the Social WebOn Friday 5th September I’m attending dConstruct 2008. The conference takes place at the Brighton Dome.

The lineup and speakers are great. Check this out:

The Urban Web, Steven Johnson
Playing the Web: how gaming makes the internet (and the world) a better place, Aleks Krotoski

Leveraging Cognitive Bias in Social Design, Joshua Porter
Designing for Interaction, Daniel Burka
Social Network Portability, Tantek Çelik
Designing for the Coral Reef, Matt Biddulph
& Matt Jones
The System of the World, Jeremy Keith

I suspect the session from the two Matt’s might be something I’ve seen before at the Design Council talks a couple of months back? Nevermind, these guys are inspiring and I wouldn’t mind hearing it all over again.

If you’re keen to attend, register on their website for a modest £125, which I think is good value.